Save on Freight

Increasing Rates

Year after year, freight carriers are increasing their rates, and have for many consecutive years. You may think there is little to nothing you can do about it other than pay the new rates, which will either eat into your profit or cause you to pass the additional costs onto your customers, and risk not maintaining your competitive edge. Here at Corrosion Materials, we are letting you know there are ways you can not only mitigate rising freight costs, but even increase your profit from the savings realized by letting us arrange the freight on your orders.


Over the last year, Corrosion Materials has worked really hard with our freight carriers to negotiate lower rates and more reliable service. Instead of averaging ten to twelve different freight carriers picking up customer orders each day, we have reduced the number of carriers per day by half. With fewer carriers, we can load and ship more orders each day, while providing you, our customers, with the great reliable service you expect.


You might have already noticed, but in case you haven’t, our computer-generated quotes now include the freight cost (not an estimate but the actual cost) to ship your order from Corrosion Materials. Allowing us to arrange the freight is optional. However, if you compare the savings associated with the freight cost, if we arrange it versus you arranging it, why would you not want us to manage this task?


Furthermore, not only are there cost savings to be realized, but you will not have to deal with those dreaded and troublesome freight claims when the material is damaged or lost during transit. So today, start realizing additional profit dollars, quicker delivery, better service, and eliminate dealing with freight claims by letting Corrosion Materials arrange the freight for you.


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