Corrosion Materials’ CNC Precision Machining

Corrosion Materials’ in-house precision machining capabilities cover everything from routine parts to complex, multi-dimensional, close-tolerance components. With our expertise and experience in machining corrosion resistant alloys, we can drill, turn, bore, groove, or thread to meet the requirements of your most critical projects. Our state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped with 6 CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Mill/Turn Lathes and 1 vertical 4-axis machining center: offering our customers a wide range of production needs from a single part for quick-turnaround or prototype, to high-volume production runs. Some common components we manufacture include flanges, stub ends, couplings, o-lets, pipe plugs, bolts, nuts, caps, block pattern tees and elbows, butt weld reducers, nipples, shaft sleeves, and hex bar.

Precision Makes Perfect

Compared to conventional machining, CNC machining reaches a substantially faster and more precise level of production. Corrosion Materials’ machining capabilities offer the highest level of accuracy for a wide variety of complex parts and components. Our CNC machines are programmed using GibbsCAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) CNC software, which allows us to produce complex parts that could not be done through conventional programming methods.

CNC Machining

Machining Capabilities

6 CNC Mill/Turn Lathes

Doosan Puma 300 / 300 LM
SMEC SL 3500Y / SL 4500
SMART NL4000M / NL2500SY

  • Max. through hole diameter – 6.5”
  • Live tooling capability
  • Max. turning diameter – 25”
  • Max. swing diameter – 30”
  • Max. between centers – 88”

Common CNC Parts & Machining:

  • Pipe threading – 1/8″ through 4″
  • Taper & through boring
  • Flanges up to 18” 150#
  • Fittings: stub ends, hex plugs, unions, o-lets, bolts & nuts, ferrules, couplings, pipe nipples 2 ½” through 4″
  • Internal & external threading
  • Precision sleeves

1 Machining Center


  • Rotary 4th axis
  • Swing parts up to 24” in diameter

Common CNC Parts & Machining:

  • Bolt holes
  • Internal threads
  • Socket weld or threaded flanges, conversion up to 3″
  • Block pattern tees and elbows through 2″
  • Hex bar from round bar


Our CNC machining centers, operated by our full-time, highly skilled machinists have produced thousands of custom parts for a wide range of industries in a variety of corrosion resistant alloys. Whatever your requirements, our machinists’ comprehensive understanding of these processes ensure you are getting the highest quality part and the service you expect. Contact us today to see how we can help meet your unique CNC precision machining requirements.