Corrosion Materials is excited to announce another addition to our comprehensive, in-house precision machining capabilities. Our new 3-axis SMART NL 4000M CNC lathe is installed and ready to machine your routine and complex close-tolerance parts.

Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

The SMART NL 4000M boasts exceptional capabilities with a maximum turning diameter of 22.05” and a maximum turning length of 45.08”. It is the perfect machining solution for a wide range of components, including flanges, stub ends, couplings, o-lets, pipe plugs, bolts, nuts, caps, block pattern tees and elbows, butt weld reducers, nipples, shaft sleeves, and hex bar. Whether manufacturing single parts, prototypes or undertaking high-volume production runs, the SMART NL 4000M meets the most critical requirements with swift turnaround times.

SMART NL 4000M CNC Lathe
SMART NL 4000M CNC Lathe
SMART NL 4000M CNC Lathe
SMART NL 4000M CNC Lathe


  • Swing over bed: 31.10″
  • Max turning diameter: 22.05″
  • Max turning length: 45.08″
  • Chuck 18″
  • Spindle nose: A2-11
  • Spindle motor: 40 / 60 HP
  • Spindle speed: 2,000 RPM
  • Bar capacity: 4.59″


Our team of highly skilled machinists have extensive experience creating custom parts in various corrosion-resistant alloys for multiple industries. Our comprehensive understanding of the machining process guarantees that you receive the best quality parts along with exceptional customer service. Learn more about our full machining capabilities and trust Corrosion Materials to provide unparalleled in-house machining services.