Corrosion Materials can supply a wide range of closed and open die forgings in nickel alloys, specialty stainless steel and titanium. Whether a small forged flange is required or a large sized ring, finished tube sheet or custom seamless forged nozzle, we have you covered. Corrosion Materials can supply as forged and finish machined nickel alloy components that are used in critical applications across the world. Converting a large, heavy weldment into a one-piece forging reduces cost by utilizing less material and creating a near net product that can be finish machined per your requirements. Forgings also increase strength in key areas through special contoured grain flow and eliminating welds.

Custom Forging Large Ring
Custom Forging Large Ring

Our offering of forged products includes:

  • Forged discs especially in large dimensions including finished machined tube sheets
  • Rings, cylindrical hollows and pierced discs, either forged or seamless hot-rolled round, square and flat
  • Bars in large dimensions, as well as profile stepped and forged bars
  • Seamless forged flange-shafts in all lengths
  • Any special shape, such as flanges, nozzles, cones, bushings or hollow parts, according to your requirements.
Custom Forgings
Corrosion Materials Custom Forging
Corrosion Materials Custom Forging
Custom Forgings

Our most common corrosion resistant nickel alloys include:


Nickel Based Alloys UNS Number ASTM
Alloy C276 N10276 B564/B574/B462
Alloy 22 N06022 B564/B574/B462
Alloy 400 N04400 B564/B164
Nickel 200/201 N02200/N02201 B564/B160
Alloy 20 N08020 B462/B473
Alloy K500 N05500 B865
Alloy 825 N08825 B564/B335
Alloy 600 N06600 B564/B166
Alloy 601 N06601 B166
Alloy 617 N06617 B564/B166
Alloy 625 N06625 B564/B446
Alloy 800H/800HT® N08810/N08811 B564/B408
Alloy B2 N10665 B564/B335/B462
Alloy B3 N10675 B564/B335/B462
Alloy 690 N06690 B564/B166
Alloy 718 N07718 B637
Alloy X750 N07750 B637


If your project requires specialty stainless steel or titanium alloys, please contact us to review your specific application needs.

Corrosion Materials can provide fully finished machined forged parts per your requirements.

We can furnish large nickel alloy, specialty stainless or titanium forgings machined per your drawing. Whether you are looking for forged and machined flanges, machined and drilled tube sheets or a machined agitator shaft, please send us your inquiry so we can provide a competitive quote. Corrosion Materials specializes in being able to provide some of the largest and most complex nickel alloy and corrosion resistant alloy forgings in the world.

Corrosion Materials Custom Forgings
Corrosion Materials Custom Forgings
Corrosion Materials Custom Forgings

In addition to our extensive inventory of corrosion resistant alloys, we provide technical expertise and solutions for our customers with many other services. Please contact us to review your specific application needs.